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English Phrasal Verbs-1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. There is a warning ..... the bottom of the form that applicants are requested to hand .... their forms ..... person.

a) on / for / at
b) at / in / by
c) below / in / for
d) at / in / in
e) by / at / by

2. It was ........ that Mehmet was going to be excluded from team as he hadn't attended any exercise at all.

a) at hand
b) under observation
c) beyond doubt
d) in fashion
e) out of sight

3. Have you ever heard that a cheetah is capable ..... running at the same speed equal ...... that of a race car.

a) of / to
b) for / in
c) at / by
d) of / by
e) on / with

4. My car was being checked at that time; as a result, Hasan ..... me ..... to work.

a) pick up
b) turn on
c) call at
d) get off
e) make up

5. Can you please .......... my web site just before I publish it?

a) take over
b) go through
c) set out
d) look up
e) find out

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