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"If English work is worth doing, it is worth doing well! Test Your English (.NET)"

TestYourenglish.net believes that through extensive coverage of English grammar rules, grammar & vocabulary exercises, cloze & reading comprehension and the use of free english tests "our english quizes, tests and explanations" will be of great help to you during your learning process and preparation for language exams.

"English As Second Language

We hope those who are learning English as a second language and are taking a certification exam.

If not soon, hopefully in the near future so you will apply and find these english tests and quizs at TestYourenglish.net useful.

English Tests

What is crucial is that multiple-choice tests have been designed especially for the beginners and learners that are preparing for the TOEFL, GMAT, FCE and KPDS.

Our English tests are aimed at providing you with strategies and tips that are essential in full comprehension of exam questions.

English subject categories on the left are broken into English Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Close Test, Completion Restatement and an English practice test area.

Is this all? Not, of course. To give you a simple and clear understanding, we have presented an overview on how this free english tests site could be worthy to you:

Test Your English (.NET) with our Free English Tests for ESL, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT-jpg
  • English Grammar subjects have been presented in detail and in an order so that you can pace up with toefl, sat, gmat and kpds structure tests.

  • After studying grammar units, we recommend that you just pass on to interactive structure quizzes to evaluate your understanding of that specific grammar structure.

  • Our free english tests are composed of questions that are explained with clues and tips to help you find the way that a question could be solved by.

  • As we know your time is precious, we provide the most practical and useful English vocabulary, cloze test and reading practice.

  • You can find lots of reading passages to test and meanwhile advance your comprehension of unity and cohesion in a reading passage.

  • Finally, try our Free English tests to check how much progress you have made and see what parts of grammar are still problematic for you.

  • Apart from these, we also give you the opportunuity to continue your education with a bachelors degree, an MBA or a doctorate program out of our special Online Degrees.

  • If you are resolute to take career steps, just have look at our Resume Writing and Job Search pages where you will meet your most wanted career.

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"Learn English online, complete your online education, and get certified to study or work abroad." This dream lies in the minds of many students learning English as a second language. Don't you think you are just among these learners as well? Besides free english tests, we also offer:

  • A number of international study abroad programs and language schools have been listed in 'Study Abroad' and 'Language Schools' pages. We feel that you are a step closer to your dream.
  • If you are having difficulty affording a college or university degree, then come choose a scholarship to support your college life and acquire an Online Degree
  • What's more, those learners who want to get an online or downloadable dictionary or translation software are welcome as we listed many free online and offline dictionaries and translation softwares on our 'Downloads' page.
  • Now it is up to you whether to take advantage of these opportunities or not.
    Have fun answering our free english tests
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