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Noun Clause & Reported Speech Test -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. Have you heard ........ Filiz has recently set up a new business in the city center on online data transfer?

a) that
b) where
c) whom
d) when
e) what

2. Necdet, our newly-recruited system administrator, knows for sure ....... and ...... he should check the system against malicious software.

a) why / what
b) whom / when
c) how / why
d) when / how
e) what / when

3. I'm not certain ........ our guests will arrive before I am informed by Özlem.

a) how many
b) what time
c) why then
d) by which
e) how far

4. It is a must that Nicholson ....... a promotion to form stronger relationships with all the workers.

a) gets
b) is getting
c) has gotten
d) could get
e) get

5. Ismail said that he ....... us a visit at around 9 tonight.

a) can give
b) will give
c) would give
d) gave
e) could have given

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