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Noun Clause & Reported Speech Test -2

Choose the correct answer!

1. The way you wear it, is ........ annoys me most.

A) which
B) where
C) how
D) when
E) what

2. When I saw the doctor, I ...... ..... I could visit her.

A) requested / when
B) ordered / how
C) asked / if
D) wanted / whether
E) insisted / where

3. It is crucial that the manager ........ without any delay after such an embarrassing transaction.

A) resigned
B) resign
C) is resigning
D) will resign
E) resigns

4. What is important for us now is not ...... happened, but ...... caused this all.

A) what / who
B) why / what
C) where / whom
D) which / who
E) how / where

5. I am not curious about ...... any of my students has failed.

A) why
B) that
C) where
D) if
E) whether

6. The department head insisted that he ....... absolute authority to regulate office works.

A) gives
B) is given
C) would give
D) be given
E) would be given

7. Orhan told me that he .......... Necla since two days ago.

A) has not seen
B) would not see
C) had not seen
D) did not see
E) were not seeing

8. It is a matter of fact that ...... you exercise and ...... diets you follow, you cannot lose even a bit of a gram.

A) however / whichever
B) wherever / whomever
C) however much / whatever
D) whatever type / however
E) whenever / wherever

9. ........ only a few businesswomen attended the grand-opening of an international carpet-reseller will be a great issue for tomorrow's newspapers.

A) Why
B) What
C) Where
D) Which
E) Whom

10. Do you think it is really important ..... kind of people they are ...... we do business honestly?

A) whichever / as far as
B) what / provided
C) how / so that
D) which / unless
E) whatever / not only


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