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Test on Passive Voice -1

Find the correct answer. To see the explanations, click the "Comment" button below each question.

1. Although the crime scene ........... thoroughly, nothing substantial ........... .

a) is searching / will be found
b) has been searched / has been finding
c) was searched / was found
d) had been searched / were found
e) will search / was found

2. I don't think they ..... the meeting seeing as only a few of the members ..... in the last hour.

a) could have / were contacted
b) had held / could be contacted
c) will hold / are contacting
d) are holding / will contact
e) can hold / have been contacted

3. The company ........ whether the scholarships ......... in time or not.

a) is debating / will be paid
b) debated / were paying
c) has been debating / was paid
d) will debate / could have paid
e) was debating / have been paying

4. By the time the course schedule ........, we ......... basic subjects of French.

a) completes / would have learnt
b) will be completed / will have learnt
c) was completing / had learnt
d) could be completed / will be learning
e) is completed / will have learnt

5. No books ....... out from this library unless you ...... the borrowers' card.

a) must be taken / are having
b) might take / have had
c) can be taken / have
d) are taking / will have
e) should be taken / don't have

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