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Test on The Passive Voice -2

Choose the correct answer!

1. A new nuclear power plant ....... just after the new statute law ......... by the parliament.

A) has been built / will be accepted
B) built / had been accepted
C) will build / has accepted
D) is building / is accepted
E) can be built / has been accepted

2. You ......... because you ........... too fast.

A) are stopping / were driving
B) have been stopped / were driven
C) would stop / had driven
D) were stopped / were driving
E) will stop / had been driving

3. Erhan is in the hosital now, and he ........ under observation due to an infectious disease.

A) was keeping
B) will have kept
C) is kept
D) has kept
E) has been keeping

4. It is five months since we ....... to this company.

A) have been transferred
B) had been transferred
C) will transfer
D) were transferring
E) are transferred

5. Traditionally, this school .......... by donations and the tuitions students pay.

A) has supported
B) was supporting
C) is supported
D) has been supporting
E) supports

6. Mr. Smith ...... recently ...... incorrect information to tax agents prior to his promotion.

A) was sued / having supplied
B) is being sued / to supply
C) has been sued / to have supplied
D) had to sue / having supplied
E) will be sued / to supply

7. Erol ........ as one of the most trustable students in the class.

A) should have regarded
B) could be regarding
C) has regarded
D) must have regarded
E) is regarded

8. The reinforcement credits program ........... many times till now.

A) altered
B) is being altered
C) has been altered
D) will have altered
E) alter

9. I feel lucky .......... a well-paid job during the crisis.

A) to be finding
B) being found
C) to have found
D) be found
E) having been found

10. My grades ....... so much that I ....... more revision.

A) fell / had needed
B) are falling / have needed
C) will fall / needed
D) were falling / will have
E) have fallen / need


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