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Quiz on Tag Questions

Use Tag Questions to fill in the gaps.

1- Please, call me when he comes, ? (=can)

2- Dorothy must stop drinking, ?

3- Somebody has taken my dictionary, ?

4- Nothing can be done at this very moment, ?

5- You have never seen that movie before, ?

6- Don't eat the whole chicken, ?

7- We will be successful if we try hard, ?

8- Playing a musical instrument isn't as easy as supposed, ?

9- There has been no rain for the last couple of weeeks, ?

10- She rarely cooks meat, ?

11- They should have been informed long before the arrival, ?

12- You aren't going to wear those funny glasses, ?

13- Let's have a morning walk, ?

14- He used to be a famous doctor, ?

15- Hasan has been painting the walls since morning, ?

16- A student who is lazy cannot accomplish anything, ?

17- Anybody who is eager is welcome, ?

18- I don't suppose there is much damage, ?

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