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Determiners are used to provide further information about a noun such as quantity, proximity, definiteness, and relationship for example "the" "a" or "an".

Quantifiers are commonly used before nouns which they modify for example "some" "few" "any" "little" "more" "much" "many" "each" "every" "both" etc.

Fill in the blanks using the correct Quantifiers-Determiners

Select from the following possibilities: the, a, an, both, (a)little, (a)few, number, each, deal, -(blank), no.

1- She didn't remember title of first book that she had read.

2- This is just piece of advice to you.

3- It was most embarrassing situation I had ever been in.

4- We have two close friends and we have invited of them to the party.

5- You won't be successful. Nobody can succeed it in such time.

6- Would you like to make reservation on last train to Antalya?

7- He wasted a great of money gambling.

8- Celine feels lonely because she has very sincere friends.

9- There has been almost rain for the last couple of weeeks.

10- Could you please turn off radio. It has become erratic again.

11- I can speak Italian, so I understood some parts of the speech.

12- It is always argued that homeless should be cared about by the government.

13- At first, he didn't realize his mistake.

14- A great of my students prepared hard for their exams.

15- All members are valuable to us and is going to be given a present.

16- I know that Hakan has more books than I do.

17- During my walk in the park, I saw old woman wearing red hat.



















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