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If Clause Conditional Quiz

Fill in the blanks using the most appropriate conditional tense of the verb given in brackets. When you have completed the quiz, click on the button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. If you need more practise clear the answers and try the test again.

1. If he (have) more time, he (finish) decorating the baby's room before she was born.

2. Both parents and teachers (feel) pleased if students studied harder and got higher grades.

3. Even if I (do) well on the test tomorrow, I don't think I (pass) , for the teacher underevaluates my papers.

4. If the United Nations (stop) the war between the two countries beforehand, today, so many children and the old (suffer) from hunger and cold.

5. I overate last night, so I couldn't sleep well. If I (eat) so much, I (have) a sweet sleep.

6. (Be) I in your shoes now, I (choose) to decline this offer.

7. But for Kevin's assistance, we (complete) our term paper in time.

8. No one can succeed anything unless s/he really (resolve) to do it.

9. If you (forget) to take the compass, we (be) lost now.

10. As long as your company (assure) our success in marketing, we (continue) doing business with you.

11. I wouldn't be so upset if you (invite) me to your birthday party last Wednesday.

12. You can use my dictionary on condition that you (promise) to bring it back tonight.

13. All this calamity (happen) if they (cut) most of the trees in that area.

14. I (take) some cash with me in case I exceeded my credit card limit.

15. Only if George apologizes to Mary, forgive him.

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