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Noun Clause & Reported Speech Quiz

Fill in the blanks. Do not use capital letters.

Mary got a passing grade in the exam.
1- I am very happy in the exam.

Has Tim arrived?
2- We don't know or not. (if=whether)

Why was John so upset this morning?
3- Were you able to learn this morning.

No one applied for the vacant position.
4- I am not interested in for the vacant position.
(That or The fact that?)

Have the packages been delivered?
5- We are curious about or not. (if or whether?)

Selim decided not to join us for the party.
6- Is it important for the party?

Where did you buy that car?
7- Do you really wonder that car?

I telephoned at 11 last night.
8- He explained night .

If it snows this afternoon, I will stay home.
9- She said home.

Who gave Helen this calculator?
10- Naomi asked me calculator.

Please help me!
11- The woman begged the boy .

Where does Allan come from?
12- Bob will ask me from.

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