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Fill in the blanks using the most appropriate adjective - adverb form.

1- The countries which haven't completed their economic progress are called (develop)      countries.

2- I didn't like her at all. She was as ice.

Samuel's grade is 85. Murat's grade is 60. (Required for questions 3, 4, 5)
3- Samuel is Murat. (hardworking)

4- Murat studies Samuel.

5- Samuel' grade is much from that of Murat's.

6- Although Yasemin is poor, she dresses than all her friends.     (fashionabl..)

7- Of all the rivers in Turkey, the Kizilirmak is (long) one.

8- I am so sad that I can't sleep. (in other words :) I am . (too-to)

9- Emre is (rich) person I have ever met.

10- Today's movie wasn't as the one we saw last weekend. (thrilling)

11- Allan isn't determined. She can't continue her education.
      Allan isn't continue her education.

12- He really deserves the promotion. None of us has worked (competitive)       as him.

13- She must be rich. She spends money in a day than I earn in a month. (use: much also)

14- Ali runs fairly faster than all the teenagers. means:> Ali runs of all the teenagers.

15- The question was very (confuse x 2) so we were quite .

16- Mr. Çaglar has been qualified to have a teaching certificate, so he works a teacher at our institution. (such as-like-as)

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