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Conjunctions (Baglaçlar)İngilizce Çözümlü Testi -2

Doğru Cevabı Seçiniz

1. Yusuf woudn't have failed, ........ he studied for a whole night and couldn't wake up early enough to be on time for his exam.

A) for
B) despite
C) although
D) but
E) hence

2. Erol has been out of work ........ most of the workers of the company were made redundant by the fresh manager.

A) however
B) thus
C) ever since
D) unless
E) so that

3. Some new allegiations were made about the head-accountant of the international firm, ........., he proved to be innocent after a meticilous inspection of related documents.

A) though
B) nevertheless
C) besides
D) as a result
E) therefore

4. ........ the strong opposition by local people, the municipality seems determined to collect the new transit-passage tax.

A) Due to
B) However
C) As a result of
D) In spite of
E) Despite of

5. Diligently ....... she continued working, she was discouraged upon seeing poor grades on her transcript.

A) as
B) for
C) although
D) much as
E) if

6. I don't suppose that Ismet will be elected .......... how hard he struggles as he is not completely supported by the committee.

A) however
B) although
C) seeing as
D) no matter
E) as far as

7. Pervin and Esma could not enroll in the college ....... they had already managed to get a passing score in the official exam.

A) even though
B) now that
C) therefore
D) moreover
E) even if

8. Eyüp and Nevzat did not join in the camping; ........., they now know of even the slightest details of what happened there.

A) nevertheless
B) in addition
C) provided that
D) hence
E) so as to

9. There was a great storm yesterday, ....... the youth-marathone had to be postponed.

A) because
B) yet
C) however
D) so
E) in as much as

10. ......... what other students think, I definitely believe that Helin is very trustworthy and she never lies.

A) On the contrary
B) In contrast
C) On the other hand
D) Even though
E) Contrary to


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