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Prepositions with forms of transport

  • We can use ‘by’ with most forms of transport.
  • We use ‘in’, ‘into’, and ‘out of’ with cars.
  • We normally use ‘on’, ‘onto’, and ‘off’ with other forms of transport.
  • 1. When we talk about the type of vehicle or transport we use to travel somewhere, we use ‘by’.

    by bus
    by bicycle
    by car
    by coach
    by plane
    by train

    She had come by car with her husband and her four children.

    I left Walsall in the afternoon and went by bus and train to Nottingham.

    WARNING: If you want to say you walk somewhere, you say you go ‘on foot’. You do not say ‘by foot’.

    Marie decided to continue on foot.

    2. We use ‘in’, ‘into’, and ‘out of’ when we are talking about cars, vans, lorries, taxis, and ambulances.

    I followed them in my car.

    The carpets had to be collected in a van.

    Mr Ward happened to be getting into his lorry.

    She was carried out of the ambulance and up the steps.

    3. We use ‘on’, ‘onto’, and ‘off’ when we are talking about other forms of transport, such as buses, coaches, trains, ships, and planes.

    Why don't you come on the train with me to New York?

    Peter Hurd was already on the plane from California.

    The last thing he wanted was to spend ten days on a boat with Hooper.

    He jumped back onto the old bus, now nearly empty.

    Mr Bixby stepped off the train and walked quickly to the exit.

    We can use ‘in’, ‘into’, and ‘out of’ with these other forms of transport, usually when we are focusing on the physical position or movement of the person, rather than stating what form of transport they are using.

    The passengers in the plane were beginning to panic.

    He got back into the train quickly, before Bait could stop him.

    We jumped out of the bus and ran into the nearest shop.

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