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Sample Exercise GMAT-KPDS 4

Select the correct answer?

Cloze Test Passage

Petroleum, or crude oil, is one of the world's (1) ----- natural resources. Plastics, synthetic fibres, and (2) ----- chemicals are produced from petroleum. It is also used to make lubricants and waxes. (3) ----- , its most important use is as a fuel for heating, for (4) -- --- electricity, and (5) ----- for powering vehicles.

Cloze Test Questions


A. as important
B. most important
C. so importantly
D. less importantly
E. too important


A. much
B. a lot
C. plenty
D. many
E. less


A. Therefore
B. However
C. Moreover
D. Hence
E. Rather


A. generated
B. to generate
C. being generated
D. generate
E. generating


A. decisively
B. exclusively
C. especially
D. favourably
E. notably






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