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Read the Cloze Passage and then find the correct choices numbered one to five below?

Cloze Passage Paragraph

The postal service is the government agency (1) ----- handles the mail. Its job is (2) ----- letters and packages to people and businesses all over the world. Its goal is to see that your mail gets to its destination (3) ----- possible. People (4) ----- the postal service to deliver important letters and even valuables, (5) ----- time and to the right person.

Cloze Passage Questions


A. the fact that
B. whether
C. of which
D. that
E. in that


A. being delivered
B. to be delivered
C. to have delivered
D. having delivered
E. to deliver


A. less quickly
B. too quickly
C. so quickly that
D. as quickly as
E. the most quickly


A. back out
B. check out
C. come in
D. figure out
E. rely on


A. to
B. for
C. at
D. on
E. over

Cloze Passage Answers

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