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Choose the correct answer

1. Joe and Jack are much alike. I can't .............. them.

A) separate from
B) agree with
C) discern among
D)differentiate from
E)differentiate between

2. Adam got a ............. . He was appointed as associate manager.

A) rise
B) promotion
C) decrease
D) salary
E) praise

3. If you are satisfied ........ your job, you are more likely to succeed ..... it.

A) by / of
B) with / of
C) in / in
D) with - in
E) of / in

4. The house we saw yesterday ........... until now.

A) wasn't sold
B) hadn't sold
C) was selling
D) haven't sold
E) hasn't been sold

5. It is vital that he ........ there on time.

A) was
B) were
C) be
D) is
E) will be

6. Hesitating what to do, ............................. .

A) so let's not go windsurfing
B) as it was yesterday
C) but we should still take the tour
D) we decided to stay home
E) everything was on the way

7. Unless you help, we may not complete the project.

A) If you help, it isn't possible that we cope with the project.
B) Without your help, we will complete the project.
C) If you don't help, we won't complete the project.
D) Provided you help, it is likely that we will overcome the project.
E) Devoid of your help, we must complete the project.

8. A: -Have you listened to the weather report today?   B: -Not yet, why?
    A: ------ .   B: -These days weather changes quickly.

A) We were going to have a picnic
B) It is said to be sunny today
C) I was planning to go to an open-air car show
D) The weather is getting misty
E) we are waiting for some guests

9. Internet is the greatest revolution we have witnessed in this century. The world seems to have got smaller through it. Internet was first used to transmit information and connect military institutions. ---------. You can send emails and faxes, chat as well as making business.

A) Today it has a vast field of usage and easiness
B) But I don't like it as it is very complex
C) It also has commercial benefits
D) Many people use it while they are working in the office
E) No matter how far you are to your computer

10. I) Last night, I saw a beautiful village in my dream.II) In it there was a river surrounded by a valley. III) What was terrifying was that while I was passing across the river, I noticed somebody watching me. IV) I dislike that kind of person. V) Then, he was approaching me with a knife in his hand.

A) I
E) V


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